Security programs for campuses need to be designed according to the specific architectural layout of the campus

Eastern Security services for campuses
Eastern Security campus security programs take into consideration the inherent challenges present at the campus, including openness, foot traffic, access control, and large areas to patrol. Our security officers are trained to meet the dynamic requirements that campuses present, including environmental elements, public gatherings, media presence, and other unpredictable factors.
Eastern Security services for campuses

High level of customer service with strict building-access control

Office buildings are extremely diverse, ranging from smaller buildings with minimal or no security features to multi-story high rises with complex security systems and full-time staffs. Moreover, each office-building tenant has its own unique security needs. Therefore, each building requires a custom-designed security program.

Construction security programs to protect your valuable assets

Eastern Security services for construction sites
Security programs are required protect the valuable equipment at your building, construction, excavation job site. Reduce the potential for job site theft and vandalism. Keep valuable tools, construction equipment & skilled personnel secure. Save job site start-up and shut-down time, every day.
Eastern Security services for campuses

Cooperation and inclusiveness are the cornerstones of our approach to residential security

Residential communities present unique security challenges. Effective security must guard against unauthorized intruder threats and yet remain unobtrusive. Eastern Security has many years of experience designing and managing residential security programs. Our comprehensive security services include entry access control, courtesy patrol, and CCTV services, for apartment complexes and high-rises, home-owners' associations, and gated communities.

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Terry Murphy, Director of SecurityTerry Murphy, Director of SecurityNational Retailer

I have never had an issue with the quality of the Eastern Security guards. Eastern has good management communication. My employees feel very safe with the guards Eastern Security provides.

Al MossAl MossBernett Research

I am happy with Eastern Security. I’m very satisfied with management’s responsiveness to my requests.

Joe Robinson, Loss PreventionJoe Robinson, Loss PreventionWalgreens

Eastern Security has maintained the security standards for the Walgreens stores. Any company can benefit from having Eastern Security as part of their shrink tool. Eastern Security is a professional organization that listens to its clients.

David Berg, Facilities ManagerDavid Berg, Facilities ManagerOxfam America

I would like to express my gratitude for the great relationship Oxfam America’s Boston location has with your company. Right from the start, you and your employees have strived to provide excellent service. Whenever I have had a concern, you have been very responsive in not only handling it but also following up. Too often other security firms that we have used previously had a tendency to not handle us as well as they would do so for their more lucrative accounts. Almost three years later we still enjoy the same high level of service from Eastern Security. Thank you for being an excellent example of what honesty, integrity, and having a great staff can accomplish.

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